Yves J. Manigat MD FACS 

Many of the AMHE members, over the years have already been involved in the conception and the growth of some of the Programs of the AMHE-AMHE Foundation. Thank you again for your generosity as well as your personal contribution to the educational and Philanthropic realizations of the Association. 

But some of you, particularly those of the younger generation may not be fully aware yet of the Foundation, its history, its purpose, and its ongoing achievements. 

The Foundation was created in 1976 and operated under two different names: Menelik Foundation and Medical Relief, before capturing this last denomination to reclaim its appartenance. The Foundation has benefited in the early years, from the nurturing of several leaders and particularly Dr Reynald Ducasse, Dr Claude Manigat, Dr Andre Rigaud, Dr William Andrisse and Dr Jean Talleyrand. Another name of great historical importance to acknowledge is Dr Emmanuel Francois, known particularly for his fervent dedication, his strong and enthusiastic leadership as co-Founder of the AMHE, signer of the registration of the AMHE Foundation at the State of Illinois and Chairman of the Foundation. 

Our eyes have always been directed toward Haiti, our hearts tied to its people and our energy devoted to make a difference by our participation in improving the Healthcare system for its people. 

In 1999, under the initiative of Dr Jean Talleyrand, acting then as President of the AMHE, a delegation was gathered, made of Dr Rodrigue Mortel, Dr Eric Jerome and Dr Edouard Hazel to meet with the Dean of the School of Medicine Dr Mario Alvarez. Their mission was to secure an official Agreement of collaboration in upgrading the education of the students at the faculty. This important step led to the instauration of the Visiting Professor Program initiated by Dr Yves Manigat and Dr Louis Auguste with a Symposium on Breast Cancer Management. Several lectures followed, provided by Dr Eric Jerome, Dr Dany Westerband, Dr George Angust, Dr Marie Frances Schmidt and others. 

Soon after, under the leadership of Dr Yves Manigat acting as President of the AMHE, the Association proceeded to the Reconstruction of the Cafeteria of the School of Medicine and has participated since in financing a hot meal program for the benefit of the students. 

The inauguration of the restored Cafeteria was attended by several representatives: Dr Yves Manigat, Dr Fritz Apollon, Dr Emmanuel Francois and Dr Jean Talleyrand. 

Various members of the Association have organized and participated in a number of Medical Missions in different hospitals like the Hospital of Bienfaisance at Pignon, but the Justinien Hospital Program in Cap-Haitien, organized by Dr Louis Auguste has always stood by its excellence as the most successful. This high-standard was maintained by the regular and reccuring missions, the quality of its contributions, the number of volunteer participants, the variety of disciplines, the care provided and the excellent teaching. The depth applied in addressing the medical needs of the institution, in providing medications and medical supplies as well as in correcting some of their structural defects, are additional testimonies of that special touch. This Hospital Support Program has indeed been expanded to the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince, The Saint Antoine Hospital in Jeremie, the Grande Riviere Hospital, The Saint Boniface Hospital at Miragoane and Saint Therese Hospital in Hinche. 

The Emergency relief Program was born out of the genuine concern and the spontaneity of our members as we were all facing this litany of disasters over the years, characterized by several earthquakes, hurricanes, cholera epidemics, Covid 19 endemics, Refugees Crisis. 

The AMHE and The AMHE Foundation have responded to every one of these disasters by the presence of our members and their participation in the recovery efforts. 

Our Scholarship Program consists in supporting a program of higher education with transmission of skills provided for a period of 3 months, in participating hospitals in the United States and addressed to our young graduate physicians from Haiti. 

The Sickle Cell Project intends to embrace the entire spectrum of issues related to the disease, along with the construction of an associated medical facility. 

Some of our programs may be in a more advanced stage, like the construction of a Health Center at Gennipalier, Milot, assumed in association with Grahn, an organization engaged in the creation of a university campus in that city. 

Still in gestation is our plan to proceed to the Formation of Respiratory Therapists who are in great shortage in Haiti as it was exposed lately during the last Covid 19 pandemic. 

Your presence is therefore needed in our committees and your financial contribution is imperative. For sure, you can find at least one of our programs to adopt and support with a lump sum donation or with a modest monthly contribution which can be executed through Zelle or with a bank card, in the Donate section of our 


Programs of the AMHE Foundation and their responsible parties

  • Justinien Hospital – Louis Joseph Auguste MD 
  • FMP Medical Library – Louis Joseph Auguste MD 
  • Cafeteria des Étudiants – Roosevelt Clérismé MD 
  • St Antoine Hospital de Jérémie – Serge Bontemps MD 
  • Resident Scholarship Program – Paul Nacier MD 
  • Sickle Cell Program – Rita Bellevue MD 
  • Roussan Camille Foundation- Daniel Faustin MD 
  • Biassou Foundation – Nadia Biassou MD 
  • Respiratory Therapy Program – Rodrigue Charles MD 
  • Grande Rivière du Nord Hospital– Cherly Charles Cherilus and Didifernant Léandre MD 
  • Ste Boniface Hospital, Miragoane-Bernard Poulard MD 
  • Ste Thérèse Hospital de Hinche – Rony Jean Mary MD 
  • IDMI.-. Isabelle Péan Guichard MD 
  • HUEH – Maxime Coles MD 
  • Bienfaisance Hospital, Pignon-Yves Manigat MD 



Cafeteria Program 

The cafeteria program started with the first AMHE engagement to rehabilitate the then demolished Cafeteria of the School of Medicine State University of Haiti, which was fulfilled in the year 2000. 

Subsequently the AMHE and Foundation took the commitment to help in a Nutritional program designed for the students and known under the name of the Hot Meal Program. This engagement of the AMHE-AMHE Foundation has been satisfied at the range of $ 15,000.00 a year, thanks to the leadership of Dr Fritz Apollon. We all would like to continue this tradition, and that’s where you become involved with your donations and your support. 

Scholarship Program 

The Scholarship program was started by Dr Maxime Coles at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, Kansas, for the benefit of the orthopedic residents coming from Haiti to acquire new skills. His contribution was fully appreciated by all: the beneficiaries, going back to Haiti with new knowledge, as well as the AMHE. 

Nowadays, with the rarity of available position in an accredited residency or internship program for foreign medical graduates, there was a need to compensate for this deficit. The solution within the AMHE has come from a loyal and long-standing member, Dr Lesly Kernizan in introducing the concept of the scholarship program to the leadership of the Brooklyn Hospital. This program is usually limited to three months, but it has been the closest in fulfilling that void and in allowing the beneficiaries to acquire the skills they may have been missing in their country of origin.

This program is again operational after a lapse due to the Covid pandemic, following the intervention of our resolute representatives in N.Y. Dr Paul Nacier, Dr Patrick Leblanc, Dr Louisdon Pierre, and Dr Eric Jerome. So far, since its inception a special certificate of completion has been delivered to ninety-four participants from the Departments of Pediatrics, Medicine, and Surgery. 

Another group was served in the Department of Radiology at Columbia University N.Y. due to the diligence of Dr Ernest Garcon. 

We are proud of this accomplishment. This is again another performance we would like you to participate and take credit for, with your contribution. We already have an abundance of words of gratitude from the beneficiaries to share with you. 

Health Care Center


The construction of this Health Care Center has been one of the more advanced programs of the AMHE-AMHE Foundation. This project was embraced, in association with GRAHN, another progressive Haitian Foundation, as part of a more ambitious quest to build a University complex (Le Village du Savoir) in the remote village of Gennipalier/Milot, situated in the Northern Department of Haiti.

The Health Care Center has been a priority, which explains that the Center is very much near completion. Next to Dr Sauveur Dauphin Pierre PHD in Engineering who conceptualized the entire project, Dr. Reynald Altema deserves a great deal of the credit, working in a double capacity as: Board Member of the AMHE Foundation and President of the Grahn Branch in the United States.

The awaited finishing touches depend on you, your generosity, and your legitimate desire to participate in a project of this magnitude, which is purely Haitian.

Endowment Fund

An endowment fund has been indeed created to guarantee the future of this organization. Its growth will depend however on your persistent commitment as a donor to finance the increasing number of programs under way at the AMHE and AMHE Foundation.


For those of you who may not be following closely the AMHE Foundation, it may be surprising to find out about the large range of activities which the Foundation, along with the AMHE, has been involved with, over the years.

You are being provided this time with this list in the hope that you may develop some interest or even some passion in one or some of them for a direct involvement or for your financial contribution. You may find some pride in participating as these programs are addressing the needs of various segments of our community. This plea is being made to members as well as the Friends of the AMHE.

Your support can be applied in a lump sum or with a modest monthly contribution, which can be executed through ZELLE or with a bank card in the donate section of our website.

AF: Fiscal Benefits

Your donation to the AMHE Foundation is fully tax deductible. With an abundance of charitable organizations vying for your offerings, you may have some difficulty deciding which one to insert in your budget, as they may all be meritorious. We are inviting you to make the AMHE Foundation your preferred charity, as their programs and projects are in harmony with your dreams and aspirations for the welfare of the Haitian population. This choice gives you also the opportunity to participate in a true Haitian effort. We must start somewhere.